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Walking Through Loss & Grief

Hello, I am Reverend Andi Blanton. I have been an ordained minister since 2010 and a staff pastor since 2001. I am not a grief expert. I do not have a degree in the grief
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Hanging of the Greens – 2021

Enjoy this special holiday service where we celebrate the coming Advent and Christmas season by decorating the church. Learn the symbolism behind the decorations as we sing Christmas hymns and prepare our sanctuary (and our
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Two Christmases

Stories of two Christmases from long-time Chandler Nazarene member, former choir director and youth leader, and the architect of our beautiful building, Glenn McCollum.
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Unwrap This Gift

We have been given a gift. For the most part, we don’t see it as a gift. We see it as a scourge, an inconvenience, a wedge dividing families, friends, churches. And it is all
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Praying Naked

Praying Naked was the title of a sermon I heard while attending Faith Community Church in Chandler a lifetime ago. As you can see, it really stuck with me. It is a bold and intimate
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Adopted Through Grace

This story is about a girl who was born into a very dysfunctional family. When I say dysfunctional, I mean a couple who was not able to care for her as any child should be
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Father’s Day

I have been missing my Dad a lot lately.  I am not sure if it is Father’s Day or just circumstances in my life.  It is crazy how fast and how slow 2 ½ years
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Road Trippin’ with God

Late last year, Bob and I invested in a “mobile cabin,” aka Cecilia. Cecilia is a 1970 Volkswagen T2 bay window bus. She’s an old gal, but we think she‘s kind of cool. Before we
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RIP’D 4 LIFE Boys Summer Camp

RIP’D 4 LIFE is a summer camp programs for boys ages 13-17 years run by our very own Pastor Bob Hunter. Their mission is to create a culture of Christ-like men. The ministry’s guiding principles
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Sharing God-Given Gifts

In the Old Testament, we read the story of the building of Solomon’s temple. In it, the people of God contributed their gifts and talents to construct their place of worship, to accomplish God’s will.
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