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This May my son will turn one, and I am grateful.  I always wanted to be a dad. However, two years ago, at the age of 47, I didn’t think it would happen. I thought that I …

Healing Inflammation

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Pain is a universal experience. Every single person is inflicted with it in some way during their lifetime. Individually, we experience physical pain, emotional pain, and social/economic pain. Inflammation. Because we are a community of …

Blog: I Need You

I Need You

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Have you ever offered yourself to someone, to help them, to spend time with them, or to share an emotional connection?

Sometimes, when I make that offer, I qualify it with “if you need me.”

Do you do that?

Why? What do you hope to hear?

Blog: Not Gifted

Not Gifted

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Through God, I am gifted with grace, salvation, eternal life, a personality with spiritual talents, and the Holy Spirit. I accepted THOSE gifts a long time ago when I chose to follow Jesus. If I hold onto the thought that I am NOT gifted, I insult God. It is a lie that I tell myself based on the old tapes that run in my head.