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Epiphany Door Chalking Tradition

This short ceremony, done on the 12th day of Christmas (January 5) or Epiphany (January 6), is a way of inviting God into our homes and asking him to bless the people we encounter throughout the New Year.
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I Need You

Have you ever offered yourself to someone, to help them, to spend time with them, or to share an emotional connection? Sometimes, when I make that offer, I qualify it with “if you need me.” Do you do that? Why? What do you hope to hear?
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Outdoor Christmas Eve – Candles & Carols

We enjoyed our outdoor fellowship in Christmas Eve in the Park Manors neighborhood of Chandler, Arizona. What a blessing to have weather that allows us to worship outside!
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Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas is an Advent service for people who are struggling or grieving; a service to honor the reality that the holidays are not all joy and light for everyone. If you grieve, if you
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A Christmas Gift For God

WHAT IS the perfect Christmas gift for God? In this quiet Christmas season, maybe, instead of thinking about what our loved ones want for Christmas, we should ask ourselves what God wants for Christmas.
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Christ The King Sunday – Hanging of the Greens 2020

Hanging of the Greens is a traditional Christian ceremony of decorating the church for the Advent and Christmas season.
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Songs for Advent

We hear so many “holiday” songs played throughout the season, but many of them (even though they are fun to sing too) don’t focus on the reasons Christians celebrate.
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The Body of Christ

A Broken Body In early June of 2020, I found out some exceedingly difficult news and it has taken me a while to adjust. To help you better understand why this news was so difficult, let
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Halloween for Hartford

It was such a “treat” to shower love (and candy) on the kids of Hartford Elementary school this year.
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Not Gifted

Through God, I am gifted with grace, salvation, eternal life, a personality with spiritual talents, and the Holy Spirit. I accepted THOSE gifts a long time ago when I chose to follow Jesus. If I hold onto the thought that I am NOT gifted, I insult God. It is a lie that I tell myself based on the old tapes that run in my head.
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