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The Waves of Grief

I’ve heard grief described like waves. Grief comes in and feels like it will overtake you. It feels like it will take you under and tow you out to sea. Sometimes you see it coming,
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Grief & Rumination

Rumination is a term used when our minds get stuck on the same thoughts over and over again. In the case of trauma and/or grief, our minds become fixated on something terrible that you saw
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Grief And Your Mind

I’m told it is normal for the stress of grief to affect your mental and emotional life but it doesn’t feel normal or good. Last night I didn’t sleep well because I missed Mike so
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Walking Through Loss & Grief

Hello, I am Reverend Andi Blanton. I have been an ordained minister since 2010 and a staff pastor since 2001. I am not a grief expert. I do not have a degree in the grief
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Healing Through Love

Matthew 20:28 …just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…. As I retired, I wondered what purpose I would have in my life. My book of life has
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He Equips The Called

God chooses to use Moses to save the Israelites from their Egyptian oppressors…even when Moses felt unworthy and inadequate.
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Tree of Life

I am obsessed with the tree of life. I have it on necklaces, paintings and cut out of wood. I rarely leave home without one. This image has become a significant part of my story. Somewhere in my early
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Strong Love

I heard someone say that the male psyche doesn’t like love “language” or love “words” because it feels weak. I agree that the brains of men and women are wired differently. But I don’t think that men are inherently born with an idea that love is weak. I believe it is a concept that some people are taught when they are young.
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We would not recognize the good things without contrast of the bad. If you are feeling the “good” today, you know it because you’ve felt the bad. If you are feeling the bad, know that God is sending the good your way.
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Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Have you heard this before? I have heard it from a physical trainer in reference to working out. He meant when a workout gets uncomfortable, don’t quit, push through it and
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