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The Waves of Grief

I’ve heard grief described like waves. Grief comes in and feels like it will overtake you. It feels like it will take you under and tow you out to sea. Sometimes you see it coming,
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Grief & Rumination

Rumination is a term used when our minds get stuck on the same thoughts over and over again. In the case of trauma and/or grief, our minds become fixated on something terrible that you saw
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Why Are You So Kind

I have the awesome privilege of walking my granddaughter to school each morning. She gets dropped off pretty early and spends some time playing with our dogs and cats and reading, and watching how-to-paint videos
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Grief And Your Mind

I’m told it is normal for the stress of grief to affect your mental and emotional life but it doesn’t feel normal or good. Last night I didn’t sleep well because I missed Mike so
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Jesus Is My Friend! Or Is He?

Friendships are important to each of us.  We have friends on many distinct levels, such as best friends, acquaintances, mutual friends, just friends, hanging out friends, and so many more.  Friendships are built in many
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Blessed Are NOT The Situation Surfers

Reading my social media feeds has become increasingly disturbing over the past months; it seems as if the pseudo-anonymity of posting whatever you feel like is okay. Is the norm. Is acceptable. Even for those
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Walking Through Loss & Grief

Hello, I am Reverend Andi Blanton. I have been an ordained minister since 2010 and a staff pastor since 2001. I am not a grief expert. I do not have a degree in the grief
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Hanging of the Greens – 2021

Enjoy this special holiday service where we celebrate the coming Advent and Christmas season by decorating the church. Learn the symbolism behind the decorations as we sing Christmas hymns and prepare our sanctuary (and our
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Two Christmases

Stories of two Christmases from long-time Chandler Nazarene member, former choir director and youth leader, and the architect of our beautiful building, Glenn McCollum.
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Unwrap This Gift

We have been given a gift. For the most part, we don’t see it as a gift. We see it as a scourge, an inconvenience, a wedge dividing families, friends, churches. And it is all
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