Jesus Is My Friend! Or Is He?

Reverend Becky MacLearn Devotionals

Friendships are important to each of us.  We have friends on many distinct levels, such as best friends, acquaintances, mutual friends, just friends, hanging out friends, and so many more.  Friendships are built in many …

Praying Naked

Dee Allomong Devotionals

Praying Naked was the title of a sermon I heard while attending Faith Community Church in Chandler a lifetime ago. As you can see, it really stuck with me. It is a bold and intimate …

Blog: Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Chantelle Frazee-Jacobs Devotionals

I am obsessed with the tree of life. I have it on necklaces, paintings and cut out of wood. I rarely leave home without one. This image has become a significant part of my story. Somewhere in my early …

Blog: Strong Love

Strong Love

Reverend Andi Blanton Devotionals

I heard someone say that the male psyche doesn’t like love “language” or love “words” because it feels weak. I agree that the brains of men and women are wired differently. But I don’t think that men are inherently born with an idea that love is weak. I believe it is a concept that some people are taught when they are young.

Blog: Tune My Heart

Tune My Heart

Reverend Denise Burns Devotionals

One of my favorite hymns is, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” and the next line is “tune my heart to sing thy grace.” Do you ever think about the words of a song when you’re singing? What does that line mean, anyway?

Blog: A Christmas Gift for God

A Christmas Gift For God

Dee Allomong Devotionals

WHAT IS the perfect Christmas gift for God? In this quiet Christmas season, maybe, instead of thinking about what our loved ones want for Christmas, we should ask ourselves what God wants for Christmas.

Blog: Church, Where's Our Passion

Church, Where’s Our Passion

Dee Allomong Devotionals

The apostles, during the time that God used them to build the New Testament Church, were revolutionaries. They spoke out. They were driven to do God’s work, regardless of the cost. They took risks. They sometimes forfeited their lives.

Blog: Contrast


Reverend Andi Blanton Devotionals

We would not recognize the good things without contrast of the bad. If you are feeling the “good” today, you know it because you’ve felt the bad. If you are feeling the bad, know that God is sending the good your way.

Blog: Running Lessons from Paul

Running Lessons From Paul

Dee Allomong Devotionals

Sometimes, as I run the “Christian race” I feel as if I can’t go on. I want to please God, to serve others, and to keep pace with the “saints” around me. But…my brain keeps me from pressing onward.