September 20 2021
Series: Lectionary
Book: James

What Do You Say?

Bible Passage: James 3:1-12

Back in “the good ‘ol days” we were a one-car family. And that car did not have air conditioning, and eventually did not have a radio. Ergo, I did a lot of singing while driving around with my 2 little girls. “Blessed Assurance” was the one song I knew the most verses to, so I sang that one the most. I also prayed sometimes while I was driving, because it seemed I did not have much private time when I was at home. One day another driver did something I thought was not quite up to the level of intelligence drivers should demonstrate so I said something I should not have said, like “Turkey!” Immediately from the back seat a little voice piped up, “Mommy, are you praying?” Oops. Out of the mouth of babes . . .

Our scripture for this message comes from James. It is about how important words are. The same words can bless or they can curse. How do you use your words? Think for a moment about the various relationships in your day-to-day life and contemplate how those words can impart life to those relationships or take life away.

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