February 5 2021
Series: Lectionary
Book: Isaiah

Too Stressed To [ ]

Fatigue. Anybody out there who never deals with that? If so, please write the book—it will be a best-seller! I hear from people all the time about how stressed they are—it seems as if we have a hard time getting a handle on our obligations and time management. And how do we decide if our obligations are really necessary, or we just *think* they are?

Did you ever wonder if Jesus got tired? I don’t think I did, really. I mean he was God, after all. But he was also human. Fatigue? God?

Today’s scripture could be a day taken from the diary of a very busy man. The *meat* of this passage, though, is not the busyness (there is plenty of that) but what that very busy man does with his time. And his focus. And his fatigue.

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