February 21 2021
Series: Lectionary
Topic: Covenant , Lent
Book: Genesis

The Rainbow Connection

Bible Passage: Genesis 9:8-17

Lament and Celebrate

This is the first Sunday of Lent—we are in the season when we turn our hearts toward God intentionally and lament. Lament the need for sacrifice, and we celebrate. Celebrate the mercy and love that God turns toward us.

Our scripture lesson this morning is from the Old Testament, and it is a familiar one. It was one of my favorites when I was a kiddo simply because of the rainbow. I liked to use my colors and rainbows are something that most kids like to draw and color. I was a little bummed when I got older and found that there were rules for drawing a rainbow correctly—that took a little of the fun out of it, but as a Type A, I complied. And complained 😀 ROYGBIV

This story, though, has a very dark side. When we drew those cute boats with the happy animals and the pretty rainbow, we left out so much. Death. So much death. So much grief.

Lament and celebrate. Lament the loss and the heartache and celebrate the new beginning.

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