November 3 2021
Series: Lectionary
Topic: Love
Book: Mark

The Kingdom is Near

Bible Passage: Mark 12:28-34; Psalm 15

I don’t really mind taking tests. But there is a certain type of test that I do NOT like—it always seems to cause me trouble. That is a “multiple choice” test. It almost always seems impossible to me to be able to choose just ONE answer, because I can think of circumstances in which most of them could be correct. It is possible that I might be overthinking things. In those cases, I believe that the teachers who create those tests have a set of rules that I do not understand, and that causes me tremendous anxiety. Because I want to get it right.

And unfortunately, that has carried over into adulting. There are surveys, medical questionnaires, etc., etc. that seem to pop up too frequently. Choices. Just one right answer.

The passage from scripture this Sunday is about someone who believed there was just one right answer. Or the *best* answer. Or maybe he didn’t—I’m not really sure. But he DID approach Jesus in the middle of a debate with the Sadducees and ask him an important question. There are so many responses Jesus could have gone with, and yet he told this man the simplest (and yet the most difficult) answer possible.

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