The Blessings of Not Enough

February 13 2022
Series: Lectionary
Book: Luke

Bible Passage: Luke 6:17-26

How happy are you when you don’t have enough of something?

I hate it when I run out of yarn and have to run to the store just to finish a project. Or when I’m making a cake and find out I don’t have one of the ingredients 🙁 It’s really hard to feel blessed at times like those.

And yet there *might* be worse things I lack. Like generosity. Or grace. Or mercy.

Jesus tells us that when we don’t have enough of certain things we can be blessed. What might he be talking about?

“Dr. Luke” gives us Jesus’s sermon with a happy little add-on of *woes*! What an interesting, perplexing sermon! And yet, sometimes contrasts can help us see more clearly. Like when a painting has a very dark background, that picture in the front really pops!

Blessings and woes.

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