October 12 2021
Series: Lectionary
Topic: Faith
Book: Job

Repent, Resent, Rejoice

Bible Passage: Job 23:1-9, 16-17

We are more than our suffering. (Pastor Andi Blanton)

This is so true, and yet, when we are in the middle of grief or difficulty, do we really believe this? Sometimes it is just so hard to change our perspective when we are in the bottom of the pit trying to look up. Grief consumes us.

We know that Job had that problem, and we do too. Many of us are carrying around heartaches and griefs that can absolutely “shipwreck” us.

It is okay and normal to complain. To rant and rave when things are bad, and I am even going to go so far as to say that it is good. By that I mean that it is when we are really down and out that we are more likely to look for and meet God.

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