November 29 2020
Topic: Advent , Hope
Book: Isaiah

Prisoners of Hope

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, the season of waiting and anticipation, the season of hope and longing, the season of already and not yet. How appropriate that this season opens with this desperate and faithful cry: “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!” If there were ever a time in our history when the church needs to pray this prayer from Isaiah– it is now.

Unfortunately, the cry of Isaiah 64:1 seems distant from the thoughts and worship of today’s church. We are so preoccupied with solving our situation ourselves (find a vaccine, elect a president, work for justice), that we are in danger of missing the power of this prayer.

Without God breaking into our desperate situation, we are hopeless. And without God’s healing, God’s intervention, our world will only become more bleak and broken. “Tear open the heavens, God! Come down and do your thing. You’ve done it before. Do it again.

This season of Advent, let us choose hope. Let us focus on hope. Let us allow God to inhabit our thoughts and our prayer life and let God drive out the fears that can so easily trip us up. Because Christ is coming. Christ is always coming.

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