November 15 2020
Book: Acts

In The Waiting Room With Paul

This week we are “in the waiting room” with Paul. He has had a catastrophic, cataclysmic life-changing event—most of us know the story. He was a murderous fanatic, intent on keeping his religion pure from all others who would muddy it up or pervert it. And then God . . . some people might try to explain it all away by saying that perhaps Saul/Paul had suffered a physical or mental breakdown. Or was struck by lightning. Or had a stroke that left him blind. For 3 days. He had a psychological crisis brought on to his overly-religious personality.

How would YOU answer those suggestions? What would YOU say?

It seems as if a lot of our life has been spent “in a waiting room,” doesn’t it?

If so, what might be the best way to spend that time? Or how to understand the waiting? 

Are YOU in a waiting room?

What does that room look and feel like? Chances are, it is tough. It might be painful and filled with uncertainty. But good things happen in the waiting room if we recognize that God is also there with us. Worlds change. Hearts are made new. Lives are reborn.

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