October 25 2020
Topic: Prayer
Book: Matthew

Holy Asking

Bible Passage: Matthew 6:11-13

A danger involved with praying for “our daily bread” is that we are tempted to rush to this part of our prayer feeling overwhelmingly needy and/or deserving. Prayer becomes a shopping list of our needs, wishes, and dreams.

If we don’t spend time seeking the honor of God’s name and praying that Earth will look and sound and act more like Heaven, then all our own desires and hopes will come rushing at us, taking over the prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer is the way in which Jesus himself taught us to remember him, how to think of him. The drama of how we receive communion, traditionally we come with empty hands to receive our daily bread—God’s bread, the bread of life, the bread of tomorrow which is Jesus Christ himself—this drama draws together in a deep and rich symbolism how we bring our empty selves to the One who can fill them. The One to whom we are praying to give us what we need.

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