October 20 2021
Series: Lectionary
Book: Hebrews


What is the most glorious thing you have ever experienced? Was it a piece of music? A relationship? Something you saw, like a sunset or the Grand Canyon? God has placed within each of us the capacity for wonder and awe. God gave us five senses, as well as imaginations to help us in our daily lives as well as our spiritual lives. The most amazing, the most stupendous, the most unbelievable, difficult thing to experience, though, is God. I have a “help” that I use when I try to imagine the glory that is God, and it is prayer.

“That’s not a big secret,” you say. And yet, it is most likely the *one* thing most of us spend the least daily time on. And maybe the least understood part of our relationships. Join us this coming Sunday morning as we think about the relationship between prayer and glory.

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