November 1 2020
Topic: Exile
Book: 1 Peter

Between Sundays

These past few weeks we have been listening to the Apostle Peter, a loving father who cares about his congregation. But his congregation is living in Exile. Scattered throughout the whole world, and he uses language like:

past: (co-elect, called, redeemed, a chosen race, a royal priesthood)


future: inheritance, glory to be revealed, exaltation

BUT . . . Peter’s focus is not on these people’s past or future—the whole message is about the NOW. How to live. How to represent a Kingdom. To be citizens of a country that looks like no other country on earth.

The Now.

As Pastor Peter talks about passions he does NOT say we should eliminate passion, but rather that we should not be tyrannized by it. We NEED passion—it just needs to be holy.

Instead of:

  • Having senses dulled with drunkenness, stay wide awake in prayer
  • Licentiousness (which denies the worth and dignity of a person), love that person
  • Revelries (bring people together as a mob and reduce their individuality to the lowers common denominator), hospitality
  • Carousing (which is wastefulness), be generous with what God has given us
  • Idolatry (in which our attention is fixed on serving and adoring inferior objects), fix our attention on helping others, and serve them

That is Peter’s curriculum: prayer, love, hospitality, stewardship, service

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