RIP’d 4 Life Ministries

Reverend Bob Hunter Church News

Today’s young men are in crisis. The fatherless crisis has taken its toll. 

The problem of delayed adolescence is real.  Twenty-five is the new fifteen, young men are not coming of age in a timely manner and it has negatively impacted society and even the church. 

Several years ago, I committed myself to the cause of shaping young men.  With the support of my family and church, I started RIP’d 4 Life Ministries.  RIP stands for “rise in power.”  In the same way an athlete gets physically ripped for competition, we set out to rip young men for life; hence, RIP’d 4 Life was born in 2014. 

Every summer we recruit young men to join us for a seven day camp experience where mental, physical and spiritual challenges are offered.  Our approach is holistic, we address the whole person, not just part. 

Since 2014, we have conducted a dozen of these camp experiences and many other weekend retreats.  Our gatherings are on a smaller scale, usually 8-12 young men for maximum impact.  God has blessed our ministry and many of our young men have returned annually.   

Leading these young men has been one of the greatest joys in my life.  I cannot imagine my life without RIP’d 4 Life ministries.  I hope to lead this ministry for many years to come as the Lord gives me strength.  Would you pray for us as we explore new opportunities for sharing our unique ministry?  One thing is true, when a young man gets it, everyone wins!  

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