RIP’D 4 LIFE Boys Summer Camp

Reverend Bob Hunter Church News

RIP’D 4 LIFE is a summer camp programs for boys ages 13-17 years run by our very own Pastor Bob Hunter. Their mission is to create a culture of Christ-like men. The ministry’s guiding principles are:

  • Relationships come first. If something is not good for a relationship, don’t do it.
  • Giving as a way of life. The secret to living is giving.
  • Life in community. There are no persons of privilege and no second class citizens.
  • Experiential learning. Participants discover what needs to be discovered and those learning experiences are not soon forgotten.
  • Holistic holiness. Once a right relationship is established with God, right relationships can be developed with others.
  • Jesus, not masculinity. Instead of using gender stereotypes and cultural values to inform young men about what they should become, we default to Jesus.

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Here are some videos from the May 2021 Camp. Several of the CCN teens were able to participate.