Topical Studies

Grow Your Faith

Grab a friend and go through topical study of your choice. These studies have been provided by The Discipleship Place, a Nazarene organization with a mission to help you grow.

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Telling The New Testament Story of God

In these 18 sessions, we will examine the New Testament. You will learn some foundational concepts, historical context, and terminology which will enrich your study of the New Testament. We encourage you to pray before
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31 Days of Marriage Devotionals

Dr. David and Lisa Frisbie, authors and frequent speakers on marriage, wrote 31-days of marriage devotionals designed to help you and your spouse grow closer to one another as you both grow closer to God.
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Practicing Wesleyan Holiness Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation is a process and a journey that lead us to a deeper connection with God. As we grow closer to God, we engage in a more active relationship with him, seeking to know
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Mor2Lif Women’s Study

The Mor2Lif Video Bible Study series challenges young women to live with a Christ-centered, biblical perspective. Each engaging video addresses a common life dilemma followed by guided discussion and scriptural application. Mor2life will take your
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Exploring John Wesley’s Theology

John Wesley has been called a “practical theologian.” His theology always applies directly to real-life situations. He did not write a “systematic theology.” He never wrote out, in one place, what he believed about all
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Healing From Shame

It’s not necessarily hard to understand God’s love at a cognitive level, but in reality we can still feel emotionally disconnected from God and His love. The words spoken into our lives in the past
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How To Study The Bible

In these sessions we take you through all you need to know to read and understand the Bible. We’ll highlight the different types of literature contained within Scripture; we’ll learn what are the important questions
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Sharing Your Faith

Dr. Chic Shaver has given his life to helping others share their faith. Join us for this series of conversations and discover some intentional yet winsome ways to help others embrace the Gospel of Jesus
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